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Tel: 01706 372 199
Mobile: 07530 667 551

Secretary: Sue Ridgard
59 West View
OL15 0JD

Registered Charity No:1000718


Rochdale Heartbeat, is a locally based charity which supports heart patients and their families in Rochdale and the surrounding areas. It is run entirely by volunteers, who have suffered from heart problems. Fundraising throughout, and for the community.

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Formed in 1988, Rochdale Heartbeat became a registered charity in 1990. Raising well in excess of £350,000 through fundraising events. Helping to fund training for local cardiac nurses, purchasing of defibrillator equipment for local community groups and supporting heart patients in Rochdale.

Rochdale Heartbeat has offered patients an opportunity to continue their recovery programme after the NHS rehabilitation has ended. Providing ongoing support, friendship and a chance to keep you active. Meeting every fortnight (Tuesday) for gentle exercise and a cup of tea, starting at 6.45pm at Callaghan House, Heywood.

Heartbeat members know only too well that it is not just the patient who needs ongoing support but their families as well. Carers are just as worried and anxious as the patient, sometimes more so. It is often hard to understand the fears that can build up. However, feelings like that are quite normal and talking to others who have been there can be a great help and put things into perspective. Heartbeat fulfils this need.

This Service is open to patients and their families with the full support of the cardiac team and the Hospital trust. Rochdale Heartbeat is affiliated with the British Heart Foundation.

Some Facts about Rochdale Heartbeat.

  • It is an independent Charity.
  • Supporting Heart patients in the Rochdale MBC and surrounding areas.
  • Local people benefit from technology donated by Rochdale Heartbeat.
  • It has fundraising events and accepts voluntary donations.
  • There are annual social events.
  • Have raised £350,000.
  • Heartbeat has been established over 25 years.

  • Description

    Gold Award Winner!
    North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) NHS Trust Smart Award Ceremony - 3rd June 2014.


    Heartbeat is 25.
    Celebrating 25 years in style Heartbeat Charity Ball Fundraising event - 4th September 2013

    About us

    Rochdale Heartbeat has been established for over 25 years. Offering patients and opportunity to continue their recovery programme after they leave hospital.


    Locally based in Rochdale, Heartbeat aims to support and build the confidence in recovering heart patients in Rochdale and the surrounding areas.

    We provide moral support for you and your family to aid your recovery. We meet very two weeks at Callaghan House, Heywood, for a gentle exercise programme, or you are more than welcome to just come along for a chat and a cup of tea.


    We are an independent charity and our main aim is to raise awareness and raise funds for special cardiac equipment for hospitals and community centres.

    We have held numerous fund raising events over the years, raising money and gratefully accepting voluntary donations. The funds raised go back into local coronary care usually via the Cardiac Unit at the Pennine Acute Hospitals.


    Meeting Celebrity Stars


    Supporting the Community


    Fundraising & Donations

    To celebrate Rochdale Heartbeats' 25th Anniversary, using funds raised by the years events to purchase 11 defibrillators for football, rugby and cricket clubs throughout the Borough of Rochdale and Oldham.
    This donation of equipment came as a new fundraising scheme following the collapse of footballer Fabrice Muamber who was resuscitated by a defibrillator

    In 2002 our first Secretary Mr. Jim Marshall was awarded an M.B.E. by The Queen.
    Following a lifetime of magnificent work for Heartbeat and the heart patients of Rochdale. Jim will always be a founder of Heartbeat and a fantastic member of the community.

    In 2010, Sue Ridgard, current Secretary of Heartbeat was voted Woman of Rochdale.
    Following a 40 year career as a nurse, 33 years on the Coronary Care Unit and her involvment from the inception of Rochdale Heartbeat. This was also followed by an invitation to Buckingham Palaces' Garden Party.

    In 2014 Rochdale Heartbeat was nominated for the North West Ambulance Service, Cardiac Smart Award.
    Heartbeat are proud to announce they achieved a Gold Award

    In 1999 The Mayor of Rochdale Councillor Harry Hardiker chose Rochdale Heartbeat as his Charity of the Year.
    After a hectic year Heartbeat had raised £55,000, which helped purchase specialised equipment for the Cardiac Catheterisation Lab at Birch Hill Hospital.

    In 2013 The Tower to Tower Bike Ride Challenge. A 550 mile bike ride by Rochdale Heartbeats member, Trevor Winn began some 10 months before the actual event.
    His efforts raising over £1,200 in sponsorship guaranteed and along with the 14 other riders overall sponsorship of over £20,000 was collected after they achieved this challenge.
    The journey took over 6 days, averaging nearly 100 miles per day arriving safely in Paris and to a well deserved champagne celebration under the Tower.

    A Leap of Faith for Rochdale Heartbeat. Recently purchasing and donating 11 defibrillators, giving first aid training to 11 local clubs we have also donated the sum of ,000 to Fairfield Hospital Cardiac Unit to go towards purchasing vital equipment.
    In order to raise these funds we have carried out a number of sponsored event and most recently one of our members Ian Douglas completed the zip slide challenge at the Lowry during October 2014. Running from the top of the Imperial War Museum and running 250m over the river to the Lowry swing bridge, Ian zipped his way to raise money for Rochdale Heartbeat.


    Fundraising Events Past and Present

    Achievements and Awards

    Volunteers and In The News


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      Saturday 16th September 2017
      Rochdale Heartbeats Annual Band concert with Middleton Brass Band at Heywood Civic Hall. Concert starts at 7-30 prompt Tickets £8. Call to book.
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      Thursday 14th December 2017
      Carol Service. St. Anns Church, Belfield. Every one welcome Come along for a sing song. Free Admission, wine and mince pies. Starts at 6.30pm. Donations grateful accepted.
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      Friday 24th November 2017
      Annual Dinner at The Rhyddings Suite, Royal Toby, Castleton. 3 course dinner, followed by a speaker. Starts at 7.00pm. Tickets £25. Call to book.

    Members Feedback

    "I have been a member of Rochdale Heartbeat for 25 years, and it has been my rock since my heart attack". - John

    "I gained confidence through the support, encouragement and friendship of Rochdale Heartbeat". - Eileen

    "After my heart attack and cardiac arrest and although being a former nurse, I gained help and confidence from Rochdale Heartbeat". - Margaret

    "I was terrified after I suffered my heart attack. Heartbeat helped me enormously. Being with other people who had been through the same experience as me was very comforting". - John W

    The staff on the Coronary Care Unit, The Silver Heart Unit and ECG Department really appreciate the service Rochdale Heartbeat offers to patients on the wards and the vast amount of equipment donated to these Units. - Coronary Care Unit

    Contact Us


    your local support group

    You can give us a call or text whichever you prefer. Find out information on our upcoming events and our fortnightly activities.

    Telephone: 01706 372 199 Mobile: 07530 667 551

    59 West View
    OL15 0JD

    Registered Charity No: 1000718